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HD TFT Digital Screen 800*480
High definition digital screen, with 800*480 high-definition image, truelife display in your car. Bright, clear and sharp, PAKNAV is giving you a new digital life.
IPAS, Intelligent Parking Assistance System
Blind your car! Who can pass? IPAS! Worry to pack your car? PAKNAV IPAS will end it.
1. Steering wheel angle sensor
2. Special camera 3. ECU
Virtual 6 Disks CDC
Magnify capability, stable music player,
Copy the date from CD or MP3 to virtual CDC,capability for 5 disks…
Simplified the CDC install procedure, save your cost on CD. Resolve the usual malfunction like reading stuck, dust, shockproof, occur on DVD loader…
DVD full touch Operations
DVD keyless touch screen operation, choose the song on DVD menu directly.
Speed up the disk reading procedure, it is about 5-6 seconds.
Capable auto memory for USB,SD,CD after shut down.
Optimize the DVD circuit ,reduce the power expend, increase stability.
Video Zoom in and out
Zoom in or zoom out through touch screen menu.
From 1 to 4 times you can adjust
Bluetooth Hands Free
Call-in number display Record number for call-in and call-out Dialing number display, improve the safety factor of driving. Bluetooth phone book
Bluetooth pairing setting menu Bluetooth pairing profile setting
phone name/ password
Bluetooth music player  
Radio Function
Can stock 24 station, and support RDS.
Ipod Interface ready
iPod support
Operation iPod directly with touch screen. It can play
MP3/MP4 music, picture, movie.
Dual zone
Background can work individually.
Including time display, Spectrum setting, parking, light
sensor, GPS music etc.
Steering wheel control
Touch Adjust setting touch screen, steering wheel control
Steering wheel study
Capacity with most car steering wheel control.
TPMS Tire Pressure Monitoring System
Tire Pressure Monitoring System Tyre switch setting
Convenience install the tyre pressure inspect unit
Tyre pressure inspect Beep(on,off)  
EQ Mode
3 type of Spectrum for user’s choice
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